Judicial Vacancies

2nd Judicial Circuit, Division 3, Family Court

Vacancy for the 2nd Judicial Circuit, McCracken County

7th Supreme Court District

The resignation of Justice Will T. Scott, effective January 2, 2015, has created a vacancy in the office of Justice of the Supreme Court, 7th Supreme Court District, consisting of Boyd, Breathitt, Carter, Elliott, Floyd, Greenup, Harlan, Johnson, Knott, Lawrence, Letcher, Magoffin, Martin, Menifee, Montgomery, Morgan, Owsley, Perry, Pike, Powell, Rowan and Wolfe counties.

David Allen Barber

8th Judicial Circuit, Division 3, Family Court

Vacancy for the 8th Judicial Circuit, Warren County

James Richard Downey

6th Appellate District, Division 1

The appointment of Honorable Michelle M. Keller as Justice of the Supreme Court of Kentucky, effective April 6, 2013, has created a vacancy in the office of judge of the Court of Appeals, 6th Appellate District, Division 1.

Allison Emerson Jones

22nd Judicial Circuit, Division 6, Family Court

Vacancy for the 22nd Judicial Circuit, Fayette County

Kathy W. Stein

28th Judicial Circuit, Family Court

Vacancy for the 28th Judicial Circuit, Lincoln, Pulaski & Rockcastle counties

Marcus L. Vanover

26th Judicial Circuit

Vacancy for the 26th Judicial Circuit, Harlan County

Henry Stuart Johnson

19th Judicial District

Vacancy for the 19th Judicial District, Bracken, Fleming & Mason counties

Frank Howard McCartney

30th Judicial District, Division 12

Vacancy for the 30th Judicial District, Division 12, Jefferson County

Eric J. Haner

53rd Judicial District, Division 1

Vacancy for the 53rd Judicial District, Anderson, Shelby & Spencer counties

Betty Springate