Open Records Requests

The public can request access to the administrative records of the state court system through an Open Records Policy adopted by the Supreme Court of Kentucky in 2017. This is the first Open Records Policy for the Administrative Office of the Courts, the operations arm of the court system.

“Transparency and accountability are bedrock principles in maintaining trust in state government,” Chief Justice of Kentucky John D. Minton Jr. said. “While the Judicial Branch has long complied with the spirit of the Open Records Act, it was time to formalize our commitment into written policy.”

The policy is in the form of an Administrative Procedure of the Kentucky Court of Justice, which carries the weight of law under the state Constitution.​

How to Submit an Open Records Request

The Open Records Policy (see Section 6) describes how to submit an open records request to the AOC’s records custodian. Requests can be emailed to The AOC will respond within three business days regarding its decision to comply with or deny the request.

Court Case Records Have Always Been Public Documents

Court case records have always been considered public record unless made confidential by statute or ordered to be sealed by a judge. Therefore, the Open Records Policy for the AOC does not apply to records of the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Circuit Court or District Court. To access court case records:​

District Court and Circuit Court: Available from the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in each of the 120 counties

Kentucky Court of Appeals: Available from the Clerk of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, 502-573-7920

Supreme Court of Kentucky: Available from the Clerk of the Supreme Court, 502-564-5444​​​​