Statistical Reports

The Research and Statistics Unit collects, analyzes, and disseminates judicial caseload information for the Kentucky Court of Justice (KCOJ). Pre-processed historical reports as well as customized reports are provided by the unit on an annual and ad hoc basis, respectively.

Pre-Processed Historical Reports:

The historical reports are derived from the KCOJ case management database (KYCourts/CourtNet). Circuit, family, and district trial court information is entered and maintained statewide by the Offices of Circuit Court Clerk. Caseload statistics are reported on a calendar year basis (January 1 to December 31) for specific offense categories including Domestic Violence, DUI, and Drug. The case data is presented in a series of cross-tabulation matrices. The data is a static snap shot in time. Refer to the Statistical Analysis Considerations, Statistical Codes & Definitions, Glossary of Terms, COURNET disclaimer, and Uniform Offense Reporting Codes’ resources for additional information regarding the historical reports.

Customized Reports:

Additionally, the unit provides Ad Hoc customized statistical reports as requested for state government agencies, law enforcement entities, the media, and the public.

CY 2016 Historical Reports

Circuit Court Data

Circuit Family Court Data

District Court Data

District Court Prepayable Case Data

Domestic Violence

DUI Historical Reports

Drug Historical Reports