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 Suggested Readings: Elementary School Children

  • Mom is Dating Weird Wayne, by M.J. Auch, Holiday House, 1988.
  • At Daddy's on Saturday, by Linda Gerard, Albert Whitman, 1988.
  • When Your Parents Get a Divorce: A Kid's Journal, by Ann Banks, Puffin Books, 1990.
  • I Have Two Families, by D. Helmering, Abingdon, 1981.
  • Why Are We Getting a Divorce, by Peter Mayle, Crown, 1988.
  • Break-Up: Facing Up to Divorce, by G. Padoan, Childs Play, 1990.
  • Please Come Home: A Child's Book About Divorce, by D. Sanford, Multnomah Press, 1988.
  • I Wish I Had My Father, by N. Simon, Albert Whitman, 1983.