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  • AOC-135.1 Affidavit to Challenge Execution
  • AOC-145 Affidavit for Writ of Non-Wage Garnishment
  • AOC-150.2 Affidavit to Challenge Garnishment
  • AOC-175 Small Claims Complaint
  • AOC-180 Small Claims Summons
  • AOC-185 Small Claims Counter-Claim
  • AOC-197 Small Claims Post-Judgment Interrogatories
  • AOC-198 Small Claims Post-Judgment Motion/Order Requiring Losing Party to Answer Interrogatories

Forms Available from the Office of Circuit Court Clerk

These small claims forms are available from the Small Claims Department in Room 3012 in the Louis D. Brandeis Hall of Justice.

  • AOC-135 Execution
  • AOC-140 Order for Sale (Venditioni Exponas)
  • AOC-150 Notice of Rights to Assert Exemption to Wage Garnishment
  • AOC-150.1 Order of Garnishment (Non-Wage)
  • AOC-150.5 Affidavit and Supplemental Order of Wage Garnishment
  • AOC-199 Small Claims Settlement Agreement & Order