Legal Forms

AOC-747Petition/Application for Emergency Appointment of Fiduciary for Disabled PersonsGuardian Conservator
AOC-765Report of Interdisciplinary Evaulation TeamGuardian Conservator
AOC-777Verified Petition for the Voluntary Appointment of a Guardian or Conservator and Standby Guardian and Order (Not electronic)Hospitalization Disability
AOC-790Annual Report of GuardianHospitalization Disability
AOC-795Petition for Relief, Modification or TerminationProbate
AOC-796Standard Power of Attorney for Medical/School Decision MakingGeneral
AOC-805Petition for (Probate of Will)(Appointment of Administrator)(Appointment of Executor)Probate
AOC-806Order Probating Will and Appointing Executor/ExecutrixProbate
AOC-807Certificate of QualificationProbate
AOC-820Petition for Appointment of Trustee Under WillProbate
AOC-825Fiduciary BondProbate
AOC-830Petition/Order to Dispense with Administration (Surviving Spouse/Children/Preferred Creditor)Probate
AOC-841Inventory and Appraisement of EstateProbate
AOC-846Settlement of Estate (Not electronic)Probate
AOC-850Informal Final Settlement: Affidavit, Motion and OrderProbate
AOC-851Affidavit of Waiver of Formal SettlementProbate
AOC-856Periodic/Final Settlement of Guardian/ConservatorProbate
AOC-860Affidavit for Probate Fee Exemption and OrderProbate
INT-1Statement for Interpreting ServicesCourt Interpreting Services
INT-2Court Interpreting Services Continuing Education FormCourt Interpreting Services
INT-3Court Interpreting Services Acceptance of the Kentucky Certification PolicyCourt Interpreting Services
INT-4Court Interpreting Services Certification Request Form for Criminal Background CheckCourt Interpreting Services
INT-5Court Interpreting Services Information FormCourt Interpreting Services
INT-6Court Interpreting Services Acceptance of Interpreter Oath and Code of Professional ResponsibilityCourt Interpreting Services
INT-7Release FormCourt Interpreting Services
INT-8Statement for Court ObservationCourt Interpreting Services
INT-10Request for Interpreter/Assistive Technology "Deaf/Hard of Hearing"Court Interpreting Services
INT-11Request for Interpreter/Assistive Technology - Attorney who is Deaf/Hard of HearingCourt Interpreting Services
DNA-1Juvenile Dependency, Neglect and Abuse PetitionDependency, Neglect and Abuse
DNA-2.1Emergency Custody Order AffidavitDependency, Neglect and Abuse
DNA-11Financial Statement, Affidavit of Indigence, Request for Counsel and Order (DNA/TPR Cases)Dependency, Neglect and Abuse
DNA-12Dependency, Neglect or Abuse Dispositional ReportDependency, Neglect and Abuse
FC-3Case Data Information SheetCivil
JV-38Affidavit and Beyond Control of Parent Evaluation FormJuvenile
JV-38.1Affidavit and Beyond Control of School Evaulation FormJuvenile
JV-41Affidavit and Truancy Evaluation FormJuvenile
RU-004Records Unit - Inquiry Into Court FormCriminal Record Report
RU-005Records Unit - Licensing Agency Request FormCriminal Record Report
RU-006Emergency Services RequestCriminal Record Report
SJ-10Retired Judge Monthly Reporting FormAOC
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