Legal Forms

AOC-JV-23Verified Petition for Involuntary HospitalizationJuvenile
AOC-JV-30Petition to Vacate and Expunge Juvenile RecordJuvenile
AOC-JV-38Affidavit and Beyond Control of Parent Evaluation FormJuvenile
AOC-JV-38.1Affidavit and Beyond Control of School Evaulation FormJuvenile
AOC-JV-41Affidavit and Truancy Evaluation FormJuvenile
AOC-JV-49Notice of Juvenile Rights and ConsequencesJuvenile
AOC-JV-51Admission or Confession and Waiver of Formal Adjudication Hearing [ ] Status Offense [ ] Public OffenseJuvenile
AOC-JV-53Informal Adjustment Agreement and OrderJuvenile